Disc & Membrane Accessories

Our industry leading disc diffusers and membranes are manufactured with flexibility in mind. You can connect diffusers to pipe using an economical universal Grommet connector, or with a proprietary SSI® Quick Connect Saddle. Both Methods can resist a 200 pound pullout load while operating under 15 PSIG air pressure without leakage. Contact Us for more details.

SSI Quick Connect saddle

The saddle is designed to mount onto 4” Sch 40 PVC pipe or Sch 10 stainless pipe with a 114.3mm Outside Diameter. Special adapters are available for mounting on 110 and 108mm OD pipe, and a new model is under design for 3"/90mm diameter pipe.The saddle accepts both SSI 9" and 12" discs on the same mount.

A split second connection to pipe with a quarter turn is all that is required, reducing labor cost to install disc aeration systems. An integral seal is provided in the saddle to ensure a leak-free connection. Another advantage of this connection is that it allows removal of the membrane without removing the diffuser from the pipe. This method can be used with confidence with large disc diffusers in oxidation ditches where there is channel velocity.

quick connect saddle


Grommets are inserted into a 1-1/4”(32mm) straight hole drilled into PVC or Stainless pipe from 2.5” to 6” diameter (60mm to 150mm), Sch 40 or thinner wall, and can be, but are not required to be solvent welded to PVC pipe. Please specify if you require the Sch 40 Grommet (also for PN16) or the SDR26 Grommet (also for PN10).

grommets wwtp

Check Valve

SSI Inc., fine and coarse bubble diffusers are available with optional check valves. These are not required for proper operation since most diffusers are self-checking, but they may give peace of mind to the designer or operator.

check valve