PTFE Coated Membranes for Diffusers

Patented PTFE Membranes Reduce Fouling. PTFE belongs to a category of synthetic rubbers called Fluoroelastomers. They are considered high performance due to their broad spectrum resistance to chemicals, solvents, fats, greases, etc., which can damage conventional elastomers.

PTFE Membrane Features:

In municipal wastewater plants, dairies, carbonated beverage factories, and in pulp and paper mills, SSI's PTFE membranes have been proven since 2004 to improve fouling resistance to such an extent that cleanings are in most cases such that cleaning frequency is reduced by a factor of 5 to 10 as compared to standard EPDM membranes from the industry's leading manufacturers.

PTFE has replaced silicone and polyurethane tube membranes, and EPDM disc membranes from a number of different manufacturers, including our own EPDM products which are well accepted as being among the best in the business.

Benefits of PTFE Membranes:

  • Competitive SOTE
  • Resistance to fouling and calcium scaling
  • Extended life
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Outstanding resistance to fats, oils and greases
  • Outstanding resistance to hydrocarbons, fuels, and solvents
ptfe disc diffuser